The Rules Of Craps – How To Play Craps

Rules of craps is very vital to know before playing the craps. Craps is a very exciting and popular casino game, which attracts a number of players both at online and offline casinos worldwide. Players play the craps game on a special table called the Craps board and use two dice. The design of the craps dice followed certain rules and high standards for its manufacturing. These special die is called as craps dice or also as drugs.

In the initial period, people used wooden dowels or even bamboo rods as craps dice. But later the use of steel rods, diamond studded heads, and iron blocks were introduced. Now-a-days, metal cylinders are used as craps dices and are well known for their durability and smooth finishing. Craps uses different kinds of dice according to the rules, level of participation, and other characteristics. Generally the highest stake or number of bids wins the game.

Each time a player wants to bid and place a bet, he has to remove one of the two dice from his set. But sometimes the dealer may want to show off a particular set of twodices to the players and hence a third roll of the dice is required. This is considered as a kind of craps rules. The three types of dices are black, red and white.

The basic way of playing craps game is to start with three players in a square and placing the bets according to the given craps rules. The players make their bets either in the open or through multi-roll bets where they place equal bets for each of the three phases of play – pre-game, in-game and post-game. Multi-roll bets allow the players to double their money for their bets during the whole course of play.

During the pre-game round of craps the players decide the fate of the round by rolling the dice and getting the result. The player with the highest score when the result is rolled is the winner and gets to place the bet. But if any of the player wins when the result is rolled, then only one of them loses his bet and the next player starts his turn and the same goes on till the player wins and gets to place his bet and the same goes on till the player loses his bet.

In the in-game round of craps, each of the players get five cards dealt from the deck face down. Then each player gets five bids with his five card portfolio in front of him. Then each player receives three dice and place them in the middle of the board. Thereafter each of the players takes turns and rolls the dice and looks at the cards that come out from the middle of the board and takes the amount of his bid from the face up piles and places it in the money pile.

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